Create full parametric wardrobe in Revit Family from scratch

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  • You will able to create multiple types of models in Revit Family


Hi guys,

if you want to know how to create something great in Revit Families, you can try this course.I dont want to tell just general thoughts and tips and describing how it should works. I want to show you, all creation process of my biggest Revit Family model, which is sliding wardrobe (similar to Ikea wardrobe) from beginning to the final end. At start we will create 6 nested Revit Families from scratch with every adjustable parameter. After that, we will combine everything together like hangers, multiple types of drawers, shoe holders and sliding doors. This will guide you to final price and it will be fully parametric wardrobe, which you can fit anywhere you want according your ideas. As we will working on models, i will try to describe all things around our creation process for better undestanding.

Thank you

Who this course is for:

  • From Revit beginners to advanced

Learn how to make big nested Revit Family wardrobe with 6 inside parts


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